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Diving, Snorkelling and Sea in Sabah

Best Dive sites and marine life in Sabah

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Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park consists of several islands just off Kota Kinabalu. The islands of Sapi, Gaya, Manukan, Mamutik, Sulug offer a range of activities, including diving, snorkelling, and other water sports.

There is accommodation at Mamutik, Manukan and Gaya. Gaya is the largest, followed by Manukan, which is home to a large resort. Mamutik has also accommodation on a board basis.

Corals: some interesting, many are almost destroyed and slowly recovering. It is very easy to make a day or even a half-day trip there from KK.

Pulau Tiga Park

It consists of three islands of the West coast of Sabah. Attractions: catfish, scorpion fish.

Sipadan Island

Sipadan island is a very small island about 30 km off Semporna. It is known as one of the best diving sites in Malaysia. Prices are however somewhat higher than at many other excellent dive sites in SE Asia. It is not connected to the continental shelf. Attractions: turtles, barracuda.

Layang Layang Atoll

It is around 300 km off Sabah mainland in the South China Sea. The island can be reached by plane from KK. Attractions: hammerhead sharks, parrot fish.


About 8 km off Sabah. Attractions: wreck diving.


Turtle Islands Park

This park lies 40 km off Sabah's East coast. The nearest town is Sandakan.

It consists of the following islands:

1. Pulau Bakkungan Kecil

This is the largest island. Attractions: Green turtles.

2. Pulau Selingan

The second largest island of the park provides also accommodation and a restaurant. Attractions: Green turtles.

3. Pulau Gulisan

Attraction: Hawksbill turtles and green turtles.

Best time to visit: between July and October.

Getting there: by boat from Sandakan, the boat ride may take in between one hour and three hours.